Thank You
I go by the name Gil
Rich boy on e beat

El shaddai
You’re bigger than what the people say
God,no be lie
Jehovah Jireh
All around the world I’ve found no one like You
My lord of Genesis to revelation
My El-shaddai
You’re my elevation
You never lie
The ancient of days
Been waiting on me
You’ve been patient for days
And now your Glory traced me
My Lord You raised me
The devil tried hard
But still he can’t disgrace me
I run to You Lord
Yet You never chased me
The love of my life,Yeah you still embrace me
The love You’ve got for me is so priceless
Your Highness,you’re the dopest
You know best
Hands in the air,to the air I breathe
Worship at your feet,no Accapella
Worship on the beat
So You can feel me better
Huh! I wanna tell em that you died on the cross
You’re the boss,BRT no near You

So glad I found You
You gave my life a new meaning
And I’m loving this feeling
I don’t wanna let go,no
Tonite I’m gon praise
I’m not going without You
I’m lost in your presence
I’m grateful to You oh Lord
Let it rain,let it rain
I can feel Your rain falling on me
Oh Lord You reign,oh Lord You reign in my life

Let it rain,let it rain I can feel your rain falling on

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Author: Naija Gospel Lyrics

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